“Like Clockwork”- 2016

In 2013, I had the privilege to choreograph for the Cal Poly Spring Dance concert. “Like Clockwork” asks if we can become so entrenched in patterns of comfort and safety that we actually become slaves to our fear. It explores the questions: What if we took a risk?What if we stood up to fear? What if we let ourselves be heard and seen, vulnerable and honest, authentic and unashamed?

“Momentum”- 2014

“Momentum” was a collaboration in Community College (Shasta College) between three choreographers, and dancers of many ages and experience levels. It is centered around the question, “what creates momentum?” “Momentum” utilizes painting on a giant-suspended canvas as a visual representation of the process involved in creating momentum- whether that be in our daily lives, the fulfillment of a dream, or transformation of a city.

The piece is divided into four sections (1- Hannah Littier, 2- Melody Wallace, 3- Cindy Michael’s, 4- Hannah Littier with input from Melody Wallace). Within these sections, each choreographer explored movement relating to the journey of finding momentum.

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