Singing and Voice Acting

(Featured Photo- Shasta Opera Workshop. Hannah Littier as the Pappagena from “The Magic Flute” by Mozart.)

Accapella Song Clips:

“So Many People”- Saturday Night

Above is a demo of “So Many People” from the musical Saturday Night by Stephen Sondhem. Recorded 2016.

“On My Own”- Les Miserables

“On My Own” From Les Miserables

The musical Les Miserables, (based on the book of the same name by Victor Hugo) though sometimes overplayed or sung, has always been one of my favorite musicals. Above is an excerpt from “On My Own”, sung by Eponine. Filmed in 2016.

“Popular”- Wicked

Another popular musical, Wicked by Stephen Shwartz is admittedly a personal favorite. Above is an acapella excerpt of “Popular” sung by Glenda. Filmed in 2016.

Classical Selections

“Verdi Prati”- Handel 2016

This rendition of “Verdi Prati” is from a vocal recital I performed in at Cal Poly in 2016 under the instruction of my vocal instructor Jackie Kreitzer. Accompanist: Paul Woodring.

“The Cat Duet”- Rossini

Voice Acting

“Sula”- Laconic Orison: Age of Draconia– Akouo Studios


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