Fashion Design

“HT Originals”- Coming 2022

“A Whimsical Wedding”

The first of my bridal designs, commissioned by Yvonne Goll Photography

Designed and constructed by: Hannah Littier
Photographer: Yvonne Goll (
Model: Aqueela Zoll
Florist: Eden Florals
Staging: Sandcastle Celebrations

“Adoria” Fashion Show Collections

Partial Adoria "Formals" and "Imaginative" Collection- Group Shot

In 2010, I had the privilege to design and construct two gown lines for a local fashion show. The first line consisted of formal, floor-length gowns inspired by elements nature, carefree creativity and soft but striking elements of feminine beauty:

Adoria Formals:





“Throwback Top”

50’s inspired silk top with bone buttons.

Model: Hannah Littier
Hair and Makeup: Hannah Littier
Photographer: Christian

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