Fashion Design

“HT Originals”- Spring 2022 Collection

Because my previous collections have featured primarily formal dresses and costume pieces, I wanted to challenge myself with a day-ware line. Working in collaboration with a dear friend and fellow-creative, I was inspired by the landscapes of the UK, pulling on an earthy, yet cool color-palate and natural-fibers whenever possible. Additionally, I wanted to make each piece mulit-look and wearable for ladies of multiple body-types in everyday-contexts of daily life. “HT Originals” features original leather-work accessories designed and constructed by my collaborator, each incorporating its unique combination of whimsy, nature-inspired themes, and clean yet elegant lines. You can see some of my work-in-progress for this collection on my instagram @makermovermama. “HT Originals” was premiered in the Redding Fashion Alliance film for their fundraising gala in April of 2022 alongside many other beautiful collections, also showcased in the film above. I would like to thank Redding Fashion Alliance and the many film-makers who made this incredible film possible and gave me and so many other emerging designers the opportunity to showcase our work. 

Fall Formal Collection- 2018

My 2022 Fall Formal Collection includes the wedding-dress commission featured in the “Whimsical Wedding” photo gallery below, as well as two other pieces I had created as stand-alone formals. Specifically the “Slate” dress (photos below) in charcoal grays and silvers, was inspired by the granite and stone spires of Castle Craigs Park in Northern California, as well as the rainy-days and grey skies of the UK. 

“A Whimsical Wedding”

The first of my bridal designs, commissioned by Yvonne Goll Photography

Designed and constructed by: Hannah Littier
Photographer: Yvonne Goll (
Model: Aqueela Zoll
Florist: Eden Florals
Staging: Sandcastle Celebrations

“Adoria” Fashion Show Collections

Partial Adoria "Formals" and "Imaginative" Collection- Group Shot

In 2010, I had the privilege to design and construct two gown lines for a local fashion show. The first line consisted of formal, floor-length gowns inspired by elements nature, carefree creativity and soft but striking elements of feminine beauty:

Adoria Formals:





“Throwback Top”

50’s inspired silk top with bone buttons.

Model: Hannah Littier
Hair and Makeup: Hannah Littier
Photographer: Christian

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