Theatre and Film


In 2014, I completed my general education, music and dance studies at Shasta College and transferred to California Polytechnic State University (henceforth referred to as Cal Poly) to study Theatre and Dance. In that period of time, I was blessed with multiple roles in wonderful shows shown below.

I also choreographed multiple dance/theatre pieces which can be found in the Choreography section of my site.

“Hannah/Bowery Beauty/Newsie/Nun”- Newsies 2022

“Mabel”- The Pirates of Penzance- 2017


“Desert Rose/Ensemble”- The Little Prince 2015

“Ensemble and Dancer”- The Merry Widow 2015


My IMDB page can be found by CLICKING HERE

“Sands of Ikkera” 2014

In 2014, I had the privilege of costume designing, acting and assisting with makeup for Sands of Ikkera,” and independent short film produced by Red Gryphon pictures.

See my Costume Design page for all of the costume designs from the film.

Student Films

See my Resume for a list of other experience, including my student film credits.

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