Interdisciplinary Projects

“Beneath our Breath”


“Beneath our Breath” is a self-produced, spoken word/dance conceptual short-film which examines the internal and external boundaries in our minds and world.

More about Beneath our Breath:

I’ve always been a dabbler. My many creative passions have been a source of great joy and sometimes confusion. When I went to decide on a field of study and university, I wondered, why did I have to choose one passion to pursue?

In the creation of this short film for my undergraduate senior project, I discovered that my many passions could be easily serve and support each other. This project was a way for me to explore the why behind the psychological and societal “boxes” of limitation or fear I encountered, and ask why?

“Beneath Our Breath” is/was a first step in experimenting with interdisciplinary dance/film. It gave me a deep desire to pursue collaborations for future film/theatre/spoken word/dance projects.

Would you like to suggest a collaboration or share your reactions to this project? Please fill out the contact form below and I’d love to begin the conversation:




In 2016, I had the privilege of attending the BLAS Irish Dance and Music Intensive at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland. While there, I studied many forms of Irish Dance and specifically Sean Nos (Old Style- in Gaelic) singing. “Digging” came from an Irish Dance and Theatre workshop. In the session, we were given 30 min to analyze the poem “Digging” by Seamus Heaney and re-present it in dance. I chose to take the poem and arrange my own melody to some of the words, then use heavy Irish dance shoes to provide percussion- representing the sounds of digging and adding a rhythmic element. It was my honor to then present the project (the video above) at the BLAS final student showcase performance.

“Circle in Time”
A City-Wide Collaboration 

(My improvisational dance contributions can be found at 00:18, 01:57, 3:48)

More about Circle in Time:

A local band, Proxima Parada in San Luis Obispo, took this concept to the next level. Their concept was simple. Gather local dancers and music lovers, place them in a room with a camera and dance floor, then play their newest song “Time in Circles” for the first time, allowing the dancer to respond with improvised movement, based solely on their reaction to the song. One take only. The result was a wonderfully rich project and music video which showcases a beautiful variety of skill levels and interpretations to their song, while making a fantastic statement about the many ways in which we all hear and respond to new experiences.

Do you love interdisciplinary work? Want to collaborate? I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me or comment below if you’d like to suggest a new project or collaborate in the future!

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